Sunday, March 18, 2012


5 years ago I used to run regularly. I was running 7.5k regularly and enjoyed it. I also train in karate and am a member of the my clubs National Team, regularly competing in our and mixed MA tournaments. This is intense training and very dynamic with the sessions usually lasting 2 hours and more, twice per week. 

I ended up getting a bursitis on my right heal (karate training = right foot back fighting stance) and it became a deliberating condition for me. Wikipedia will tell you that bursitis symptoms vary from local joint pain and stiffness, to burning pain that surrounds the joint around the inflamed bursa. In this condition, the pain usually is worse during and after activity, and then the bursa and the surrounding joint become stiff the next day in the morning. Further investigation tells you that "bursitis is a typical affliction of older people doing excess exercise" - that's me. 

As a result for the last 4 years I have not been able to do too much "leg work" at all. After a karate session I would be a cripple the next day and have to walk down stairs sideways as my right heal would not bend and would be extremely painful. Hence not enough exercise for the intake and resulted in 10k over weight. Hence the first challenge.

Now part of the challenge introduced me to quality vitamins and minerals which included a high potency krill oil which has reduced my bursitis swelling by 50% and almost zero pain associated with it. I have shoes I can now wear and I can now run again. YAHOO.

I have set myself a goal of doing the bridge to Brisbane 10k run in September and as a lead up to that I am going to do a 10k in 10 weeks training program. This program will take you from an absolute beginner to being able to finish a 10k in a time hopefully under 1.5 hours. I would like to do it in 60 minutes or better but that is not critical.

I know I can complete 8.5k now in 1.5 hours as a walk/jog session so I am not a complete novice but for the benefit of those starting from scratch I will start at the very beginning with you and will also blog my complete exercise regime for the week along with my nutrition. At the start of the week I will post the weeks training and report on the previous weeks progress as well as my general fitness and well being. 

I would also like as many as possible to join me, subscribe to the blog and post their progress as well. We have access to qualified personal trainers and nutritionists to name a couple. 



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